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Diagnosed with cancer during Covid pandemic? Are two miracles in one lifetime too much to ask?

In November 2020, Steve complained of stomach pains and knew something was not right. After several GP visits he was referred to the hospital for tests. The colonoscopy in January 2021 revealed that a large 40 x 40 mm 'golf ball size' tumour attached to his bowel wall was causing his issues. See exhibit A. It was confirmed that Steve had a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma (stage III cancer).

The consultant suspected the cancer cells from this tumour had spread to his lymph nodes and through the colon wall. The plan was to operate to take out the affected section of the colon and lymph nodes, cut back to healthy tissue and re-join his colon together.

Steve was deemed a good candidate for chemotherapy post this suggested operation.

Despite this news, Steve and I remained positive that by following our own beat cancer plan we would turn this around – again. After all, his last experience (in his twenties) and prognosis with stage 4 cancer then, was far worse (having been sent home and given just three months to live). Surely we could have another miracle?

We set to work with a renewed daily healing practice to retract/contract back the spread of any stray cells or threads into the main tumour and to shrink that tumour down in size. 'Contract and shrink' were the key words of power. (More details can be supplied on request). Several close friends and family worked with this visualisation and directed healing to Steve daily, or in co-ordinated bursts. We also asked the universe for the best surgeon - so when Steve's operation was delayed, and he was given a different surgeon, we positioned this as a good sign.

On March 11th, Steve was admitted into hospital and a 12-14 inch section of his bowel and several lymph nodes were removed. Steve's 12 inch scar healed very well and quickly. A few weeks later we received a phone call from the surprised surgeon with the histology results. The tumour they removed had, in fact, miraculously shrunk whilst Steve had been waiting for his operation. On extraction it, to the surgeon's surprise, now measured only 20 x 25 mm. Plus, none of the lymph nodes or the bowel wall revealed any cancer cells. See Exhibit B.

GREAT NEWS: once more Steve was completely CANCER FREE.

Steve would not need chemotherapy as the cancer had all now gone. A great result and, once again, team work won the day. Well done everyone...Steve himself, and all of you who sent healing, did healing work, sent prayers, remained positive, plus of course all the caring medical staff and excellent surgeon.

Was Steve's brush with hospitals over? No! We had focused so much on directing the healing energy to the cancer, that the next event did take us by surprise. Somehow, the hospital forgot to prescribe Steve with any blood thinners or compression stockings when he returned home on 14th March after his major surgery. So sadly, two weeks later, he was rushed back into hospital because his whole leg had ballooned with three significant blood clots - in his thigh, groin and stomach.

As a result, he faced a serious choice re further life threatening surgery (1 in 100 chance of dying with only a 1 in 50 chance of a successful outcome) or leave it to his body to, hopefully, sort out (with the aid of blood thinning medication). He choose his own body.

So we called upon friends and family again to help reduce the leg swelling, reduce the pain and, most importantly, reduce the blood clots by shrinking and dissolving them back in a manner they could do no harm. Our chosen image was of wine coloured ice cubes gently melting with the words 'shrink and dissolve'.

Post the appearance of the three blood clots, Steve had two more hospital admissions - one for a suspected PE and another for a suspected brain bleed when he developed severe vertigo. Today, we continue to celebrate the great news that Steve is cancer free. Also, today we celebrate the good news that his leg pain is less and his leg is slowly reducing in size. So he is well on the way to being blood clot free too! Continued healing thoughts are always appreciated though.

On another level, this has been another opportunity for refocusing on what is important in life and given us greater encouragement to realign with our spiritual purpose and goals. The love and support of our children, our family and friends has been astounding. We are so grateful to you all. There are so many wonderful and loving souls in our life. It just never ceases to amaze me how lucky we are. Thank you.

With much love and wishing you all the very best of health,

Mandy & Steve


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