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Physical Mediumship— Seeing is Believing

Healing oil? Seriously? We nearly didn't go. Physical mediumship in the daylight, no black box and no red light—no way I thought. What had changed and how might this work? Curiosity was the deciding factor that bought Steve and I to that event one sunny Saturday afternoon in Exeter. The definition of physical mediumship is that whatever is produced can be witnessed by all who are present with their physical senses. The ultimate seeing is believing type of proof. This physical medium, called Tareth, wore a Hawaiian short-sleeved shirt and stood where we could all see him clearly. As the sun streamed in the windows he led us in a short healing meditation and then told us to open our eyes. Many years ago I sat in a home circle to develop physical mediumship myself. I was also used to working with healing energy. What he was attempting would, if successful, marry these two interests of mine. But, to produce healing oil seemed so insignificant when past stories told of mediums who produced actual physical objects like roses, money, coins or ectoplasm which formed into recognisable faces, hands, full bodies, or maybe just a voice box through which one heard their loved one's familiar voice.

Tareth scanned the audience, smiled at me and beckoned me to assist him. I heard Steve chuckle softly, 'I could have put money on you being the one picked!'

So, I was to get a front-row seat—literally. As he instructed, I sat on the chair facing the audience. He explained he could not guarantee the production of the healing oil. He held my right hand with his left hand and placed his right hand open just beside it. I closed my eyes and directed my thoughts to send out healing energy. Not even thirty seconds later he checked our clasped hands, shook his head and said, 'Not yet, let try again!' I recall being told earlier to practice receiving healing more so I switched my thinking to be open to receive healing instead. Less than a minute later he checked our palms again. I was amazed because there in my slightly cupped palm was a pool of oil. I looked at his palm and it too was covered in oil. Then the fragrance hit me. Usually, I am so sensitive to smells that my husband can't even wear aftershave and I find a lot of smells and perfumes overpowering and suffocating, but as Tareth guided me to breathe in the healing oil and I moved my palm nearer to my nose I was flabbergasted. The smell was divine; no other word for it. Divine. It was a mixed floral smell—strong and pleasantly intoxicating. I concurred it was indeed a fragrant healing oil. I returned to my seat as, three by three, others in the audience came up in succession to receive their gift of the healing oil. With each person Tareth transferred some of the healing oil from his palms onto theirs and, as they inhaled it, he held his hands a little distance from their back and head to allow more of the healing energy to flow into them. The oil just kept coming and within a few minutes, his hands were literally dripping with oil. He explained later that the oil produced by spirit had been tested in a laboratory which confirmed it was organic and natural in composition. I believe this means it was not a product of the medium's body or ectoplasm, as such, but is produced by spirit and appears in his palms very much in the same way an apport appears. Every person in that room (about 30) experienced for themselves this unfathomable phenomena close up and in person. To add even more intrigue, members of the audience naturally, when they returned to their seats, compared their oil (which still remained on their palms) with their neighbour's oil and the fragrances were varied. One lady's smelled of jasmine, her husband's smelled of hyacinth, another man's of patchouli and so on. 'You have different healing oils because you have different healing needs,' Tareth explained.

Once everyone had received their healing oil and healing, the buzz of excitement in the room was tangible. Tareth stood holding his hands up and they were still completely covered in oil. Would it ever stop appearing? The aroma in the room was heavenly. We offered the remaining oil from Tareth's hands to be sent to others known to us who needed healing.

Tareth had warned us that sometimes the oil does not flow at all, at other times it stops suddenly (before everyone has had time to experience it), but today it was overflowing and still glistened on his palms at the end of the demonstration.

Ultimately tissues were issued to collect the last drops of this sacred oil. The drenched tissue was to remain in the room until such time that the healing oil had evaporated completely into the air. This, I assumed, would be a few days later. I was pleased to think that other people would come into this room, breathe in the remnants of the exquisite fragrances and thus also benefit from the healing oil. I witnessed something amazing this day and upon pondering what I, and others, had all experienced, I realised how incredibly blessed we were to be present. A true gift and yes, seeing is believing, but feeling and smelling it makes it triple so!


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