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Young Father Told he has Three Months to Live

What would you do? What would your family do? What did we do?

Facing a devastating terminal prognosis is hard whatever your age or circumstances. Steve was twenty five. Sadly, we do all die at some point; we just hope we live a long and happy life before that day arrives.

Nipples to Kneecaps tells the story of what we did differently to others at the time who faced a similar fate. Every single person on Steve's cancer ward died, except him. We believe Steve is alive and well today (and recently celebrated his 60th birthday) because of what we did.

Please feel free to contact us to chat if you too are facing a challenge that seems insurmountable. Read our story, draw strength from it and adopt what worked for us as it may help you too.

In these uncertain times, hold on tight to those you love (even if it is only via zoom), savour each moment of connection and no matter what life throws at you, know that "love is the greatest gift of all."

Sending you love and Bright Blessings



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