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Feel like you are being hammered by others? Have no control of your life?

Let me spark a change within you.

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

For people to progress and find their happiness certain processes of thought need to be attained. Considering and learning new viewpoints, different perspectives will enhance our understanding of the machinery of the universe, the cosmic laws and how it relates to our soul's expression on earth and the ability of our consciousness to move and manipulate matter and non-matter.

Look at the above image of the blacksmith working on the anvil. The phrase 'strike while the iron is hot' means to act now.

Our lives are akin to being in a blacksmith's forge. At times we all feel that we are the iron being hammered, plunged into the water, and heated in the fire and at other times we are re-transformed into an object of beauty or object of value. On occasion, sparks fly, conditions around you steam and hiss, and all the elements of earth, air, fire and water are present. But, what if you were the blacksmith and not the ore being melted and forged? Would this change your view of the things that you experience in your life?

Often human beings see their lives as if there is an outside force shaping it, directing it, controlling it—often with sudden changes that are unexpected and shocking to them. They usually survive but are forever changed by these experiences. This human is seeing their life from the position of the iron ore.

Other extraordinary human beings see their lives as a pathway to be created by them. They take whatever they hold in their hands and work it. It may take sweat and tears, aching muscles, perseverance, re-modelling yet as the blacksmith of their destiny they create experiences, situations that others admire, feel inspired by and are in awe of. They hold an almost magical aura. Perhaps they are charismatic but they always appear to be in charge of themselves and their life. Even when challenges arise they take it in their stride and apply the hammer or pull out the tongs once more. They know the secret: they can return a piece they don't like to the forge fire and it will once again become malleable. It can be strengthened or changed into something entirely different.

Then, we have those who see themselves as the anvil. Your so-called victims in life, who genuinely feel as if the whole world at times if beating down on them. No matter how many strikes they get nothing seem to change for them whilst all around them others are growing, changing and experiencing new and exciting things. If you feel yourself identifying as the anvil, it is time now, today, in this very moment to make your switch. Before you did not realise that your consciousness was focused on being an anvil, now you do.

Visualise for a moment a blacksmith working on the anvil. Hear the sound of clashing hammer, see the sparks, and sense the atmosphere of heat. Look at the blacksmith's hands holding the tools—recognise them—these are your hands. Look at your own hands now. You are not an anvil—you have the hands to be the blacksmith. It is time to start being the blacksmith of your life's forge.

Take whatever you believe is the cause of your worries or whatever is blocking your and see it transform into a lump of dark iron ore. Let's say it is fear of loss of income or worry about a relationship failing. Take your tongs and place it (your iron ore and what it represents) in your fire. This very act means that your worry, block or fear has not begun to melt or transmute, but it is the first step in the process. Bring it out and see it glowing red white-hot. Step two: raise your hammer and begin to reshape it. What do you wish to create? Have this in mind as you hammer and reform your soft iron. A blacksmith knows this iron can never return to the shape or lump it was before—it can only become something else. It is up to you the blacksmith to decide what, but do not dally as the iron is cooling. You will need to return it to the fire soon for further refinement and strength-building before your new creation is sealed in the water of new life.

If we procrastinate, our metaphorical iron will cool and cannot then be formed into something useful or beautiful.

Remind yourself that you are the blacksmith of your life whenever you realise you have shifted perspective and are acting as the anvil or the iron. Answer this question ‘Do you have hands?’ Yes? Then you are the blacksmith—don’t forget that!

Brightest Blessings



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