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Proof that Healing Energy is Real

How can I prove that healing or energy healing is real?

I divided the cress seeds into three equal piles. I laid a sheet of kitchen towel (all from the same roll) on each of the three plates and sprinkled the same measure of water on each one. I then distributed the seeds equally onto the three plates.

I labelled the three plates:

  • Batch A Control

  • Batch B Healing

  • Batch C Hands-on-Healing.

For this experiment I was going to completely ignore batch A, give non-contact healing to batch B (meaning I would direct healing for one minute into the seeds daily by holding my hands about five centimetres above them, but not touch them) and give hands-on-healing to batch C by physically touching the seeds as I directed healing energy into them every day for one minute.

Batches A, B and C would receive the same measurement of water each day and would receive the same amount of light.


After day one the seeds in batch A were unchanged, but about 30 per cent of the seeds in B had started to sprout and about 40 per cent had sprouted in C.

I was already impressed.



By day three I was majorly impressed as I held the ruler up against the seedlings. Batch A Control seedlings barely made it to the one-millimetre marker on the ruler but batch B Healing seedlings were reaching up to the two or three millimetres marker and batch C Hands-on-healing were way ahead touching one-centimetre mark and above.


By day four and five my family begged me to give the seeds in A some healing as they felt so sorry for them as they hardly had any tiny cress heads above a centimetre compared to cress heads in B and the majestic cress heads in C who were all swaying in the breeze as they had grown several centimetres.


I must say we thoroughly enjoyed eating the healthy and strong cress from both the C and B batches as it truly felt as if we were eating blessed, life-giving energy and healing food which was filled nourishment.

I hope this encourages you to try the same experiments. I certainly will repeat it and next time I will video it too.

Have fun!



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