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Best Seller 

How to beat terminal cancer. 
A bestselling inspirational memoir 
from Mandy Brown, listed on
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Official Website of Best Selling Author, Including the Award-Winning Book


About Mandy Brown

"My mission in life is to 'touch the souls of others' by being the most inspiring, passionate, thought provoking author, speaker and communicator that I can be."

After being qualified as a teacher (1984), Mandy worked as a teacher of the deaf , an intervenor (for deafblind), a special needs teacher and became a fully qualified BSL sign language interpreter (1995).

As a Communication Consultant (for deaf, deaf blind, autism and dementia), she is dedicated to making sure everyone's 'voice' is heard regardless of perceived barriers to communication.

After the miraculous recovery of her husband from ‘terminal’ cancer, Mandy has continued to help cancer patients and others in need of 'healing' and guidance.

To further her understanding of the the body and mind she studied spiritual healing, psychology, nutrition, iridology, herbalism, swedish massage and epigenetics.

Mandy is a Director of Pure Channel Healing and Chair of the PCHA (training and research)

Mandy (and her husband Steve) deliver Mindset and Self-development training.  Look out for Mandy as the keynote speaker at various conferences and TED talks in the near future. 

As a best selling author, Mandy is committed to producing books that inspire and help others.

Join Mandy and her inspirational guests on The Keys to Mindset & Health Show and the Inspiring Spirit Show. 

About Stephen Brown

Steve began his working life as a chef, but soon became a Manager looking after four kitchens. He moved into Sales, then Area Sales Management with various blue chip companies in the 1980s  e.g Campbell Soups, Pretty Polly Tights and Crown Paints & Wallpaper.

In 1986 he was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer’ and given three months to live. The doctor said they could not treat him as it was too late. Thus began Steve’s remarkable  journey into regaining his health and exploring other options.


After his astonishing and unbelievable recovery, Steve became a qualified spiritual healer and continues to offer healing to this day.


He also continued in Sales Training. However, he took time out to learn sign language (full time student) because one of their children was deaf (now deaf blind) and Steve wanted to be able to communicate with him fully.

He continued his studies and became a fully qualified BSL sign language interpreter. 

Today, in addition to working with the deaf community and providing much needed access which he considers vital, he remains committed to his passion of training and coaching others be the best they can be – in their health, mindset and wealth.

Steve is also a Director of Pure Channel Healing and is qualified to work in NHS  hospitals, hospices and the community as a healing practitioner.

Whenever asked how it is possible for anyone to overcome such mountainous obstacles, his relentless message is,

"Dont' give up. Just keep going!" He then shows them how!        





Get the E-book at:

'Nipples to Kneecaps – To Die or Not to Die with Cancer' is the true, inspirational story of Steve, a man who seemed to have it all…until a cancer diagnosis threatened to take it all away.

Historians recall that the mid-1980s boasted big hair, loud music, and iconic Hollywood superstars. Mandy recalls, 
“My dear girl, I have seen many a patient in my time and we 
cannot help Steve. At best he has three months to live…” Words that every                    partner dreads.

Mandy and Steve’s real-life journey throughout the ordeal of battling ‘terminal cancer’ captures how it shaped their lives, minds and spirits.

Three months to live. An unbelievable plan. A Lifetime of memories.

FOLLOW their INCREDIBLE journey.

REALIZE what the human body is capable of.


DISCOVER an appreciation of the paranormal and the unusual plan.

Follow this family’s amazing story and take inspiration from the day to day foibles of a family who chose never to give up on family, love and most importantly, on life.

Steve is alive and well today.


Paperback available at: 


BONEGIRL Rhea's Discovery: A children's fantasy for 7-10 years

There are strange things in Shadow Woods—things that are more than they appear—and they’re waiting for Rhea.

When she retreats into the woods to escape her school bullies, she stumbles across a glowing mystery.
“The birds screeched …in warning but she knew she just had to touch it the very symbol of death.”

Something awakens in her after she takes the skull from Shadow Woods, something both exciting and frightening, that she can’t control. Adam, a boy who is quickly becoming a friend, tries to help her, but Rhea continues to add bones to her collection with weird and disturbing consequences . . .

"I couldn't put it down. It's amazing. 'Bonegirl' was a mixture of reality and a bit of magic too. Also I could picture it all in my head. I wouldn't change a thing!" Leia Britton - beta reader (Age 10)


Get the E-book at:


Paperback available at: 

new releases


Astral Projection Handbook:

101 Techniques for an Out-of-Body Experience and Astral Travel in a Handy A-Z Format

2 (1).jpg

The go-to Astral Projection Handbook is for:

  • beginners who want the life-changing thrill of their first astral projection

  • the frustrated and disappointed who say, 'what am i missing? I've tried all the techniques and they didn't work!'

  • spiritual teachers who want more techniques and ways to help their students.

By the end of this Astral Projection Handbook you will be able to wear your astral travel badge with pride. You will become an inter-dimensional master of astral projection.

Part One of the Astral Projection Handbook will teach you how to overcome your blocks and thus avoid disappointment and failure. It will help to deepen your understanding of astral projection and what is involved to ensure your successful out-of-body experiences. Learn the four essential requirements for astral projection without which you are doomed to failure.


Part Two contains an A-Z of 101 tried and tested astral travel techniques. These will keep you busy for years to come and enable you to have varied and wide ranging experiences. 


Part Three contains a step by step 20-Day Programme to Astral Projection which you can follow.

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The Authentic Self Series

Keys to Health

Keys to health book  FINAL.jpg

Coming soon!

He'll Never Talk: an inspirational memoir of a deafblind and autistic man


Being born deaf, blind, and autistic created certain challenges for Adam; discriminating cultures, abusive caregivers in power, and human cruelty created even more. 


​All Adam ever wanted was a friend, to be like his siblings, and to enjoy his life despite his disabilities. They wouldn't let him. So, he unleashed his destructive, unrelenting and devastating demon who wouldn't be ignored, yet all the time he was crying inside. 


He is the explosive catalyst who brings either the worst or the best out of everyone who crosses his path. So many were unprepared for Adam's mission in life. Now it's your turn to meet him, if you are up to the challenge?

They all thought he couldn't or wouldn't talk, but he did and here is his heart-breaking and inspirational true story.


"It was really amazing and inspiring to hear your story and it has stuck with me ever since. Thanks for sharing!"

"Wow! An excellent write-up. The story was touching and inspiring. Believe me this one of the most touching and inspiring stories I have read throughout my years as a freelancer. It was a captivating piece. Excellent!"

 "Made me cry, made me smile but I shall never forget this inspiring story which will give hope and a plan to follow for those facing the impossible. I now believe in a better future."


Freelance Editor


Cancer Sruvivor

In The Press
powerful image of hands.jpg

The Keys to Mindset & Health Show
with Host Mandy Brown

As a host and presenter with Silent Voices International Radio (now closed), I was excited to offer our guests a way to fulfil their missions in life and make a positive difference to our listeners' lives.' I am now offering the same service on my PODCASTS


On The Keys to Mindset & Health Show, I have topical discussions with authors, healing practitioners, therapists and medical professionals (with a unique insight, practice or research findings), patients who have a story to tell, life and self-development coaches who wish to share with our listeners their 'how to do XYZ'. Our engaging guests continue to be chosen to add to our understanding, give us a new perspective, challenge our thinking and help us realize our potential, optimum health and enjoyment of life to the full. 


The Spirit Award Show is an uplifting, feel-good show. It is a platform for inspirational people from around the world who are contributing to the well-being of others. I interview authors of inspirational books and courses, artists with a mission, people in the community who deserved to be recognised, forward thinkers, life coaches, people who have overcome challenges—those people who make or want to make a positive difference to the lives of others. 

Look out for and subscribe to the new podcast coming soon. Contact me if you would like to appear on one of my shows.

News and Events


31st July2021 

3rd Aug 2021

Create a labyrinth and participate in a labyrinth ritual for personal and spiritual growth.

25th Sept 2021

Healing Practitioners Diploma Course (Become a qualified Healing Practitioner with PCHA - professional integration of spiritual, psychological and scientific practices incl Reiki)

4th Sept 2021

11th Sept  2021

Awareness 1 (helps you to understand, awaken and increase your awareness of your psychic and mediumistic abilities)


For any media inquiries, please contact Mandy Brown:

Tel: 07939 600126 |  |

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