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Book no.1

NIPPLES TO KNEECAPS - to die or not to die with cancer

Nipples to Kneecaps - is a true story set in 1985. An inspiring true story of a family’s two years’ journey to overcoming terminal cancer.


She was told that he only had three months to live. He was sent home to die.

Refusing to give into the prognosis, his wife Mandy announces an unusual and risky plan.

Today Steve is alive and well. His story of survival since that day in 1985 will bend your thinking.

It will prove that persistence, drastic actions, and love can at times truly conquer all.


FOLLOW their INCREDIBLE journey of triumph.


REALIZE what the human body is truly capable of.




DISCOVER why fans are raving that this book is


“One of the most touching and inspiring stories, that I’ve read throughout my years. It is a captivating piece.”- Aida



Together they discover a power over life, which Mandy continues to share today with those facing similar challenges.


Follow this family’s journey on their fight, and discover how they OVERCAME this terminal disease.

"He'll Never Talk!"

Challenges of being deaf, blind and autistic means he will never talk..or will he?

"He'll Never Talk!"

His parents were told that, 'He will never talk!'

His mother was determined, "He may never talk, but he will communicate!"

Follow this family's  journey with their deaf, blind son (Adam) who was also diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and having mild learning difficulties.

Most people who meet him today do not realise he has so many challenges, dramas and unbelievable negativity from others. Lesser mortals would have cracked or committed suicide. Adam, however, loves to entertain; he can 'yap for England' and he inspires everyone around him.

Be inspired by this family's touching and heartwarming story. Life was often stressful, hilarious and challenging but by the age of  twenty five Adam was living semi-independently in his own flat doing his own cooking, shopping and holidays abroad.

So how did his parents teach him to talk? How does he communicate with strangers?

What happened when the system failed him repeatedly?

A true, inspiring story.

Mediumship in Focus

Book no.2
Book no.3
Book 4


"I couldn't put it down. It's amazing. Bonegirl was a mixture of reality and a bit of magic too. Also I could picture it all in my head. i wouldn't change a thing."

Leia Britton - beta reader (Age 10)

A supernatural mystery
for children

“The birds screeched …in warning but she knew she just had to touch it – the very symbol of death.”

There are strange things in Shadow Woods—things that are more than they appear—and they’re waiting for Rhea.

When she retreats into the woods, as she often does to escape the atmosphere at home and the bullying at school, she stumbles across a glowing skull. Despite spine-tingling warnings to leave it be, her hand is drawn toward it.

Something awakens in her after she takes the skull from Shadow Woods, something both exciting and frightening, that she can’t control. Adam, a boy who is quickly becoming a friend, tries to help her, but Rhea continues to add bones to her collection with weird and disturbing consequences . . .




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