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I could not resist this topical picture. So many of us have wonderful memories of playing in the snow. Here is one of mine (just a snippet taken from one of the draft chapters of my new inspirational book 'He'll Never Talk' - a true story about the challenges faced by a deaf, blind boy and his family:

“Stick your tongue out Dean. Watch me,” Alex signed to his little brother.

Alex threw his head back. The snowflakes danced and melted on his protruding tongue.

Dean copied him. It was one of those scene that you treasure as a mum. My two lads sharing a special moment, laughing and enjoying the wonders of nature. It was Dean’s first snow fall.

Steve came around the corner dragging the sturdy bright blue, plastic sledge behind him. “Come on boys, let’s go sledging!”

Dean could hardly walk in his red snow suit. His nose had already started to turn red.

I pulled some thick winter mittens onto his tiny hands. “I know you can’t finger spell, but the gloves will keep your hand warm,” I explained to Dean when he tried to pull them off.

Alex sat at the front of the sledge clutching the white steering wheel. Dean sat behind him hanging onto his brother's waist. I waved from the front door as Steve pulled them both along Giggetty Lane. They were heading for the playing field around the corner which had the perfect hill for sledging. The snow was the deepest that we had seen for many years. It was about ten centimeters on the paths but had drifts of forty centimeters at certain places. Alex cheered loudly shouting, "Fast dad, faster!"

Then it happened. It was one of those times when you can’t help laughing out loud, but at the same time you panic.

Steve pulled the boys around the corner. In slow motion I saw Dean let go of Alex and tumble backwards planting and burying his head in the snow drift at the side of the path. His legs froze straight up in the air. Oblivious, Steve and Alex carried on. Dean did not struggle to get out of the snow. I shouted, but they had gone. I had no choice. I ran slipping and sliding in my slippers, my dressing gown flapping like a startled swan, to rescue Dean. Why wasn't he struggling to free himself? .........(to be continued)

Enjoy your time in the snow folks!

Mandy Brown

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