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Best Seller on Amazon—Nipples to Kneecaps: to die or not to die with cancer

Best Sellers top 100 lists in several categories.

Here it is at #15.

Malcolm C posted this review on amazon today:

"A bit of magic for the soul

Wow! What a find this book is. It really will take your breath away, literary.

The author takes us on a journey of finding her soulmate, that rare, elusive thing we all hope one day to find. It is heartwarming and encouraging hearing the sweet words of love and companionship from two individuals that certainly appear as one, best friends, lovers and soul mates.

The author takes us on a whirlwind of emotions, often dipping deep inside her soul, bearing all to us, as she attempts to explain how hard her spirit would scream given the diagnosis of losing her world, that is Steve.

Steve, like Tommy Cooper, will have you laughing throughout this awful journey with a sheer WILL that would inspire anyone to stand up and fight whatever illness they have. The techniques the author shares are simply gold dust to anyone who may find themselves lost to illnesses and I could see the author's words helping many people in the fight of recovery.

What stands out most for me, as I have read this book in one day, is the author's tone, so gentle, loving and positive even in the face of the greatest tragedy. The flow of the story is eloquent, always keeping you page-turning, and the plot is sublime as it purely mimics the truth as it happened.

It was a gift to read and the author's words will stay with me, if I ever find myself in a battle of health.

Never have I spent £7.99 and received so much from a book".

Nipples to Kneecaps true story of love, hope, laughter, tears and inspiration.
Can you cure stage 4 cancer?

Thank you everyone who has written a review on Amazon for this book. I feel humbled by your comments and high praise.

Please help me to continue to 'touch the souls of others' by sharing this book in whatever ways you can. I truly believe it could save lives.

If anyone asks you, 'Can you survive stage 4 cancer?' or 'I've been told I'm terminal and there is nothing more the doctors can do, is that the end?' then please reply, 'You must read Nipples to Kneecaps!'

Thank you

Mandy (and Steve)


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