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Learn Sign Language like Rachel Shenton on the Oscars

'Always Wanted to Learn Sign Language Course?' and wondered what S.S.E. (sign supported English) might look like ...well take a look at Rachel signing her Oscar acceptance speech for the film 'The Silent Child.' Speaking and signing at the same time she gives access to both hearing and deaf people - she is using S.S.E!

In this speech she is using B.S.L. (British Sign Language) signs but in English word order - which is what we do on our course. Rachel uses B.S.L. in the film with 6 year old deaf lead actress Maisie Sly. Why not come along and learn some sign language the easy way?

EVENT 'Always Wanted to Learn Sign Language?' is not your usual B.S.L. course. This is a full day immersion course in S.S.E. Sign Supported English (speaking and signing at the same time). At the end of the day you will know approximately 200 signs (B.S.L. signs), be able to have basic conversations with each other, sign a song and will have had a lot of laughs! No prior experience necessary just a desire to learn sign language (for work or pleasure) and to have fun. Course limited to 12 places (with a waiting list). Courses are run by fully qualified B.S.L. sign language interpreters and trainers with over thirty years experience. Date: 26th May 2018 10.00 am - 4.00 pm Seaton, Devon.

Happy signing!

Mandy Brown

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