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8 Reviews of Inspirational Book Nipples to Kneecaps

What a buzz about this book! What are people saying about the true inspirational story 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer'?

5 star reviews and personal comments are flying in via Facebook, Amazon, email, messenger, WhatsApp and face to face meetings. Thank you everyone who has taken the time and effort to post or send me a review. :)

Here are some (but certainly not all) of my favourite lines:

"Written in a heartfelt, natural style with moments of deepest despair and utter joy woven together to melt even the hardest heart."

"Roller-coaster of emotions - joy, tears, laughter. Overall it's so Inspirational. Proves you can achieve the impossible."

“If I ever get cancer I want Mandy as my wing man. If I can't have that, I can at least have my copy of Nipples to Kneecaps."

"Such a refreshing change to read a book that showed how to put positivity into actual successful practice without being fluffy. By the end I too feel I could now turn real scary stuff in my life around."

"The Obbie Doobie stuff (paranormal), as Mandy calls it, was fascinating and plausible. I liked how she questions it yet it clearly played a part in the recovery"

"A must read for anyone feeling sorry for them self and wanting a lift. Inspiration at its best. A must if you want a lift in life. Inspiration at its best."

"I love Mandy's style of writing. She has a honest tone with a sense of humour that lights up even the darkest moment. "

Thank you all so much.


Mandy Brown

BUY your copy today Nipples to Kneecaps on Amazon.

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