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Supernatural Mystery for Ages 8-12

Today 'Bonegirl - Rhea's Discovery' goes live on Amazon

This modern day children’s supernatural mystery erupts following Rhea Jones's discovery of a strange skull in Shadow Woods.

“The birds screeched …in warning” but she “knew she just had to touch it – the very symbol of death.” The skull then merely waited for its chance to strike. Rhea, the heroine, is a lonesome, sensitive girl with a realistic passion for the protection of animals. She is being bullied by Connie Evans and her gang, the Scanlon Hunters. Adam, another loner, likes Rhea and tries to help her. He discovers her fear of birds. They are all in year seven of Scanlon School. Rhea continues to find bones and adds them to her collection with weird and disturbing consequences... "I couldn't put it down. It's amazing. 'Bonegirl' was a mixture of reality and a bit of magic too. Also I could picture it all in my head. I wouldn't change a thing!" Leia Britton - beta reader (Age 10)

'Bonegirl - Rheas's Discovery' is book one in the Bonegirl series. It is available on kindle from today and the paperback version will be out shortly.


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