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It's Easy To Be Great!

Easy? Oh yes!

Or are you feeling it will never happen, its impossible or you don't know how? The answer below may not be what you expect..warning its a bit quirky a la Mandy style!

We all have potential to be great, to have a great life and have great relationships. Maybe you have created a vision board of all the great things that you want in your life? Maybe you repeat daily affirmations to attract that greatness?

Well the term and concept great might be getting in your way. On another level we see 'great' things as being related to huge achievements, hard work, only for others, How about if you take the letters one at a time and achieve what it represents instead?

Goal - set your goal in writing, but do it greatly and in great inventive ways. By this I mean write it out 100, 500 times in as many different ways that you can - on different types of paper, in the sand, in the mud, on your hand, translate it into different languages, sign language, ice it on a cake etc.

Read - become a great reader. By this I mean not just reading to yourself, but read out to others. Read great books, classics, those recommended by other that will help you with your goal. When you find a passage worth highlighting read it to others on Facebook, on YouTube, to your friends, your dog, your goldfish etc.

Encouragement - whatever your goal, I ask you rather than moan or secretly want others to keep encouraging you instead I ask you to encourage others in their goals. Ask those around you what their goals are and find a way to encourage and help them.

Aware - be aware of who you need to become, what needs to change to attain your goal. Newsflash: if you are seeking greatness, it follows you are not great right now. Have you ever said of another, "Oh, s/he is great!"? Yes? Recall that person and list why you felt that they were great?

If a person said that about you tomorrow - that you were really great, what do you want their reason to be? Awareness of this reason/s will give you the key to what you can start working on toady!

Trust - we are all meant to be great and this most certainly includes YOU. You have already achieved small things so trust when they all add up you will have achieved greatness!

Have fun


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