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Not More Fluffy Nonsense!

Fluffy pink balloon and sentiments to match.

I feel good every time I think about ......what?

The snowdrops I spotted in the grass verge, the feel of the spring sun shining on my face yesterday and the fact that the days are noticeably getting longer every day.

I feel bad every time I think about ...what?

All my joints aching including new ones, the sadness I feel for my friend whose mum has just fallen and broken her hips and the annoying fact that I still have not de-cluttered that room!

I have a choice. Pretty obvious, right?

I know that my thoughts definitely effect my mood, feelings and state of mind. You know this too - so why do you keep choosing the unhelpful, painful thoughts? Why do that to yourself?

Life's experiences are like a bunch of balloons. They can be great fun to have and play with (and the cause of much laughter!), but they can also burst suddenly making you jump out of your skin or make you feel sad as you witness them slowly shrivel up and deflate. Would you try to blow up a deflated balloon or piece together a burst one? NO? Well those burst balloons are the same as your negative thoughts which resulted from bad or sad experiences.

If you have some burst balloons pieces or shriveled up balloons (a.k.a. negative thoughts) don't keep trying fix them together or blow them up again...go out and find some new balloons and new experiences to enjoy. One way of attracting them is to fill in the blanks..."I feel good every time I think about ......."

I challenge you: Go out and buy some balloons to day and have some fun! :)

Life is meant to be fun!


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