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From Tomorrow Night A Million People Will Join Him

The Healing Minute

Do you have a minute to heal? Can you spare a minute to give healing?

This is such a wonderful concept. Every morning at 10 am and every evening at 10.00 pm you can join people in 95 countries around the world who are focusing their thoughts on healing those in need. Just join in at 10 o’clock your own local time and add your own prayers and/or positive thought in a minute of mediation/silence and send energy to those in need wherever they are in the world.

In 1986 Steve, my husband and father of our new born baby, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 3 months to live. The doctors said that they would help him to die as painlessly and peacefully as possible. We had other ideas.

Via instinct and intuition we created an environment of positivity and healing. Within our Beat Cancer Plan, which covered all aspects of our new life in which we were determined to grow old together, Steve and I included The Healing Minute practice. I first heard about The Healing Minute when Doreen Glover (from Wolverhampton Spiritualist Church), a spiritual healer told us about it when she gave Steve healing for the first time. We were open to trying anything at the time and thought, ‘Why not? All healing is welcome whatever its form!’

If friends or family were visiting us at 10 am – or even the postman – we would get them to join in the one minute of healing. It is not a lot to ask – just one minute of a person’s time, but the cumulative and compound effects are tangible. That one minute each morning and evening gave us focus, redirected us to a source of energy and to link in with people who cared enough for their fellow man to give the time and energy to send out waves of love and healing. Thank you to all of you who have or still do practice the Healing Minute.

I wonder ….365 days x 2 (twice a day) x 30 years = 21,900 minutes x 500 people (a guess) = 10’950’000 minutes focused, directed healing energy. Why not tap into it and align yourself with it? What have you got to lose, but 1-2 minutes a day?

I contacted the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary recently. Gary Waugh Communications Manager told me,

"The Healing Minute was started by Harry Edwards in May 1954 and it’s been possible to enroll for membership since the very beginning. Our computerized records indicate several thousand observers, but there must be many thousands more who became observers before our computer records began. My best guess for current observers would be 10-15,000 worldwide." That's a lot more than I calculated!

Gary kindly provided me with some historical details via a copy of an article from the Healer magazine (Christmas 2013). It is believed that The Healing Minute practice probably started on a hill in Jerusalem over 100 years ago, however its modern practice has more chilling beginnings. On 2nd December 1997 a British officer had a premonition of his own imminent death and of even more disturbing times ahead for people in the future. He asked for the silent minute to be dedicated to giving strength and guidance from the Divine Creator to all those who would face those deeply challenging times to come.

In September 1940 Wellesley Tudor Pole met with Winston Churchill to ask for his support in setting up a daily Big Ben Silent Minute Observation at 9 pm focusing on peace, healing and freedom in the world.

On Sunday 10 November 1940 the chimes of Big Ben were broadcast and the Silent Minute was observed by the nation for the first time.

In 1954 Welllesley Tudor Pole contacted Harry Edwards, the healer to discuss healing and the launch of 'The Healing Minute - A Call to Action.' The headlines reporting the launch on 2nd May 1954 predicted, "From Tomorrow Night A Million People Will Join Him."

Local people may know that the same Wellesley Tudor Pole O.B.E. was the founder of the Chalice Well Trust (1959) in Glastonbury. Here also the Silent Minute continues to be observed every day by the ringing of the bell in the garden at 12 pm and 3 pm.

In 1960 the BBC decided to move the chimes of Big Ben to 10 pm so The Healing Minute also moved. The introduction of the 10 am decision followed later.

You can become an official observer of the Healing Minute by registering on the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary website. The Sanctuary which continues to serves as an internationally recognized healing center is near Guildford in surrey (founded in 1946) website.

Once registered, they will send you a card with your enrollment number and some further details.

Join me in the Healing Minute and help those in need.


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