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Deadly Passion Led Us Here

Passion for life can overcome death. I know this is true. I have proof. He is sitting right opposite me as I type.

If you have read 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer' you will know that I am telling the truth.

But the question is you have a passion for life?

If you were told tomorrow that you had 3 months to live would you be able to grab your passion and hang on it it?

Would you know what the three most important things in your life were?

I was lucky that having told Steve he had cancer, his immediate response was to list the three most important things that he wanted to achieve within his life time. We had never discussed this previously. For Steve his three wishes all involved being around for many more years. That in itself helped to keep him going even when everyone around him - family, friends, doctors and nurses all believed 100% that he would die imminently.

Take this opportunity right now to list the three most important things, dreams or achievements that you want to follow through within your life time. Seriously, write them down. These three things are the root of your passion.

Real passion related to real (living life over death) dreams may not be: to own a sports car, to be CEO of a successful company or own a mansion (okay for some of you yes they are valid dreams!) Because the passions that really count, when the scythe of death hangs over you, will most likely relate to being with the people you love and to the experiences in life that you know are out there waiting for you. Claiming you own life over death passions is what will lead you to achieve the impossible.

Passion led us here to 2018. Where will your passion for life lead you?

Mandy Brown

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