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BOOK BLOG TOUR Nipples to Kneecaps meets Ricki Wilson

INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Happily featuring authors since 2012! #amwriting #authorpromo

If you are promoting your writing, check out INDIE SPOTLIGHT. If you’re looking for a good read, might I recommend MAGGIE’S FALL?

Ricki Wilson, creator of INDIE SPOTLIGHT and author of MAGGIE'S FALL, is an independent author and professional educator from Oklahoma. Growing up among genuine cowboys, Ricki learned at an early age to appreciate the true value of a good horse and a faithful dog. Maggie's Fall, Wilson's first novel, is a tribute to both.

"I read Maggie's fall in a matter of hours, because I could not put it down. It is a beautiful story with many emotional ups and downs. The imagery is so well portrayed that you feel like you're watching a movie rather than reading a book." -Amazon Review


Enjoy discovering and supporting Indie Authors - I certainly am!

Mandy Brown

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