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Why Do Some People Die With Cancer?

Video 4: Mandy's Chats about Nipples to Kneecaps

Why do some you think people die from cancer?

Post Steve’s recovery we (Steve, dad and I) have met, talked with, and given healing to many cancer patients and their families. So many, also given only weeks or months to live, have - like Steve - gone on to live full and healthy lives.

However, for some patients, including my own dad (when he was 83) cancer is their passage to the next life. In these situations, I have felt a difference almost instantly upon meeting them or hearing them describe their diagnosis, and the whole process is different. Healing, in my experience, can still take place for them on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels. I believe one hundred percent that the more spiritually focused healing practices have aided their serene and beautiful passing. I have often been with people just before or at their time of death. It has always been an honour to be present and aid them on their journey to the next life.

I have a beautiful story to tell about what happened leading up to my own dad's passing, which I will share at some point.

I know we all have to die at some point. Most of us aim to live to one hundred in perfect health of the mind and the body. I love meeting people, in their 80's, who are living that reality. Last year we were invited to a friends mother's 90th birthday party. She was lively, walking and still driving he car. Certainly, here on the south coast I am surrounded by many pushing and over one hundred years old. But, sadly not everyone gets to that ripe old age.

Whenever an adult or child dies with cancer they leave behind family and friends totally distraught with the loss. Many ask, 'Why did he/she have to die with cancer? Why so young?'

We can debate the whys on many levels - their genetics, epigenetics, contaminants their environments, influence of stress, sugar, karma, and more...including there is no blame or no reason. Yet so many carers feel helpless to help other than with supporting words and tender loving care right up until the end.

Steve and I have supported many families in this situation and every time we still share the Nipples to Kneecaps story - Steve's story, because in one way or another it helps. It opens the door for discussing the painful moments, their fears and thoughts. It opens to the door to the reality of life and death. We can only tell our story as it was and let the listener or reader take from it what they want and need.

For those who choose to contact us, we aim to help you in whatever way we can. My personal mission in life is to touch the souls of others so that each interaction is meaningful and has purpose. As a consequence, I regularly find myself in deep conversations with others about why we become ill, what is death, do we have an eternal spirit, how can we get healthier and what is the purpose or path of that individual's life?

Until the next blog post...


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P.S this post was published on the anniversary of Mandy's dads passing.

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