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How can you give hope to children with cancer?

What you may already know is that 'My Book Place' is a great site to visit to read reviews, new books and authors profiles.

What you may NOT know (because it is hidden away on the Announcement page) is that

Liz Fogg has a fundraising account connected to 'My Book Place'. She is a huge believer in giving back and will allow you the opportunity to get free advertising on the site when a donation is made.

She is currently raising funds for:

"My son has decided to start racing with me! We have chosen to raise money for Kellsie’s Hope Foundation in place of paying the race registration fees. Kellsie’s Hope Foundation assists families of children with cancer. I hope that you’ll donate to this amazing cause! We are each required to raise a minimum of $1100, however we are both very ambitious and wish to exceed that!" Liz Fogg

Please support this worthy campaign and Nipples to Kneecaps to make a difference to those with cancer.

BUY Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer by Mandy Brown on Amazon

Visit for up to date news and blogs.

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