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What Do Ice Skates, Madelines And A Dead Mechanic Have In Common?

Well, 'Nipples to Kneecaps – to die or not to die with cancer' of course! I know, who ever would have thought these would all be features in the same book.

A perfect family. A perfect life. A devastating diagnosis.

Nipples to Kneecaps: To Die or Not to Die with Cancer is the true, inspirational story of Steve, a man who seemed to have it all… until a cancer diagnosis threatened to take it all away.

Determined not to allow the last three months of his life to be one lived wallowing in their unspeakable sorrow, Mandy, Steve’s staunch partner in love and life, made a decision that would change the course of their young family’s life and make their friends, family, and doctors nervous.

Thirty years later, the man who wouldn’t live to see another three months has defied the odds and proven that despite receiving the worst news possible, anyone can thrive – no matter what.

Follow this moving, captivating, always inspiring story and discover what it means to live fully, take chances, love wholeheartedly, and soar above the status quo to achieve the impossible.

BUY you copy of 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer' by Mandy Brown today from Amazon.

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