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What Is Nipples To Kneecaps About? Battle Against Cancer

Video 1 in the series: Mandy's Chats about Nipples to Kneecaps. Meet the author.

Q 'What is Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer'about? A battle against cancer.

Heads up! I do get a little emotional as I explain on the video ...

Nipples to Kneecaps is a book of hope and inspiration. It is a true story about Steve who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1986 and sent home to die. He was given just three months to live.

The story covers a two-year period of the most dramatic, funny and painful events that happened in the lives of Steve, me his wife Mandy and our son Alex, who was a baby then. Thirty years later, Steve is alive and well.

What happened, what we did so differently compared to others at the time, and how Steve survived to this day is revealed in Nipples to Kneecaps – To Die or Not to Die with Cancer.

The story is heart-breaking - it takes you along with us on the constant struggle but ultimately you can celebrate with us ultimate miracle and as a result this is a positive message for everybody.

Truth is stranger than fiction..this is a real life story.

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N.B. All the videos are done in one take,- so the real me. Please share if you think it will help your family and friends.

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