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Nipples to Kneecaps - Random Extract - its amazing what you discover in the shower!

I wanted to share some extracts of the book, but couldn't decide which So, I decided to let chance play a role. I randomly wrote down a few page numbers and I will now share with you the first of those random number and the first paragraph on that page.

P 35

Steve sighed as the warm shower caressed his aching limbs. I held onto him, enjoying the physical contact (so rare in those days). I shut my eyes and savoured the moment of closeness, as the warm water fell over and around our naked bodies. But then something felt wrong. I felt my body tense. What was it? Something visceral and deeply unpleasant, that I couldn’t put a name to. I opened my eyes and, instinctively, let go of Steve in panic.

The extract may not tell you a lot - after all it was random choice. But, at this point in the story Steve could not support his own weight as he was so weak, so me letting go of him was definitely NOT a good idea!! Oops.

I can say the outcome was not the sort of shower experience either of us had planned!

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