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Tips for Marketing New Books

I have a request that I know many new authors ask...Do you have any tips for marketing books that do not involve having to spend money? What have other authors found successful? What have other promoters done that has given great results?

I am sure there are some amazing book marketing people out there who can take a book and write superb sales copy that gets readers begging to place their order for it. What is it that they do?

They certainly have a skill set that differed to the novel, memoir or non fiction writer. It is an art.

I have no experience in this so I am trying to go on instinct and copy others. Maybe we can join up, my fellow authors, and help each other out? Maybe some helpful, experienced book marketer would like to offer us some expert guidance?

Until is one thought.....Often when a new film is coming out there is some hype..what do we mean by that? Intrigue, excitement, promises that it will be the best film ever. The clips and sound bites that make you think, 'Wow, that looks good. I am going to watch that!' So maybe we should research film hype and see how we can emulate its success?

I recall Steve coming home in 1997 and telling me about a new book that he'd read about in a newspaper left on the train. It was for the new Harry Potter book. And guess what? He did buy a copy and we read it. So thought number two is to check out old press releases from successful book launches.

Please comment below and we can help each other 'touch the souls' of our potential readers and get them clamoring for our new book!

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