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Stressed, Harassed, Overwhelmed? What Have You Really Lost?

A waking interactive mediation.

"What is it that people are seeking?"

My own mind fills in the answers or suggestions. Love, an easy life, a better life, better feelings about their life or situation.

"But, what are they really seeking? "

"Ah, okay," I answer "Do you mean like connection to the source? Understanding, unconditional love? To find their purpose, to be able to be in the moment, to find joy here and now, to create.

"Have you finished?" I am asked.


"Well, lets begin….Answers…people want answers. Answers to their problems, answers to their questions. Why do you read, go to plays, watch films?"

"For knowledge, information, pleasure, to learn, to feel good."

"Feelings – ah, that is a key. You are made to feel! Your skin is covered with sensors, your body creates chemicals that react to the emotions that you feel. You are sentient beings – you feel inside and outside.You touch with your hands, your minds and your souls.

How would it feel to never be able to touch – to have no sense of touch? To have never touched?

Why do you touch each other, touch or stroke animals? Why do you trail your hand in the water, reach out to cup a flower?

Concentrate on your touch for a moment. With no motion it is hard to experience touch, yet you are able to move your consciousness into different parts of your body that ‘touch‘ the ground, the chair, another part of your own body and you sense that.

Movement enables your sense of touch to explore and register millions of explosions, of firing neurons. You experience this physical world with the one that sense that you will not have as a spiritual being. Yet what joy that bring. Through touch you capture your world and lock it in memories.

Close your eyes …can you 're-feel' the kiss of a loved one? Re-feel the tingling wind on your face as you stand on the sea shore? Difficult? No…in the dream state you are very able to do this – true?"


"Sometimes the value of touch is lost. You hurry about and miss the wonders. You stress and miss the wonders. You talk too much and miss the wonders. Stop, we ask you. Take time to feel the sense of touch today because through touch you will reconnect with this marvellous physical environment of yours. You will reconnect with the wonders of life itself. You will marvel at the human form.

When you feel stressed, harassed, overwhelmed by life….stop, reach out and touch something or someone and feel..really feel it. Try it, you will be glad you did."

Kindest regards

Mandy Brown

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