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Warning - Photograph of a Dying young Man

Sorry if this shocks you or upsets you. I debated for many years about sharing this personal photograph with you. This was taken after Steve's last operation in 1986 when the doctors said there was nothing more that they could do to help Steve.

Those of you who have read, 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer' know that Steve was full of cancer and given , at the most, three months to live. I am posting this harrowing picture today to give you and anyone facing a similar diagnosis and prognosis some HOPE. Steve is alive and well today.

On seeing that hospital picture again today Steve said, "Oh, it's my Herman Munster picture!"

So to balance things up up and because I always like to look on the bright side of life here is a photograph of Steve today in 2018. As you can see his sense of humour survived too!!

Wishing you all optimum health, love and laughter.

Mandy & Steve

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