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Can You Survive Terminal Cancer? Chapter 1 The Death Sentence

Mandy Brown, author of 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer' reads an extract from Chapter 1 The Death Sentence.

Steve was given 3 months to live in 1986 with terminal cancer. No treatment was offered as he was 'full of cancer'. Mandy was determined this would not be the end. Her book follows their incredible story to triumph.

See all the 5 star reviews on Amazon including:

"I read this book by accident. It came highly recommended and so I thought I should at least take a look at the first page. From then on I kept reading ... and laughing out loud ... and nearly missed my station when I was sitting on the train with the tears running down my face and not caring what the other passengers thought... This is a great book - a wonderful, inspiring story. You should read it." John Passmore

" Brilliant, I haven't read a book this quickly in years, Just could NOT put it down. It is a true story of LOVE, Inspiration, Determination, and Pure Belief. Anyone going through cancer right now this book would be an ray of Light/Hope for you. I cried and Laughed my way through it. (Full Disclosure, I Know Mandy and Steve) but never knew their story in such detail, They are a truly inspirational couple." C May, Amazon review.

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