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Kindness and Kneecaps

Kindness in this world is to be treasured and celebrated.

I have just received this wonderful, kind gift from a neighbour who has read 'Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer'. She thoughtfully even bought me some very appropriate sunflowers seeds!

Thank You Trisha, who lives in Seaton!

Being the recipient of kindness - whether from a known or unknown source or when I witness an act of kindness - always leaves me feeling so blessed and loved.

Have you noticed that whatever is happening in your life, that causes you stress or worry, disappears (even if only for a moment) when you receive a thoughtful or surprise gift?

It follows that the giving of a gift or an act of kindness to someone you know well, or someone you don't at all, has a knock on effect and definitely brightens their day.

Why not commit to giving a gift of kindness yourself to someone today or tomorrow?

Wishing you a wonderful evening!


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