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The Gift of Being a Soul Mother - stillbirth and death of your baby

The spirit and soul of the stillborn baby and the ones who are born to only stay for a short while (be that an hour, a day, a week or a few months) is looked after, at all times, by the ever present, loving Spirit.

The child’s spirit and soul came from Love – from the Source - to stay awhile with the parents. During this time Spirit remains very closely connected and is present with them constantly, so that when the child ‘returns’, they are easily taken into the loving arms of Spirit awaiting them.

The role of the ‘Soul Midwife’ , in these situations, is not for the child but for the parents who feel the physical loss. The ‘Soul Midwife’ takes on her/his role as ’Soul Guide’ to help the parents realise they have been touched by a deeper love and awakened by the touch of a ‘child’s’ spirit and soul. They have been given the gift of love, of awakening, of connection.

The ‘child’s’ spirit and soul came into their lives and blessed them with love - touched their souls. This will never leave them because the spiritual gift of love and connection is eternal.

It seems, on the surface, some mothers and fathers appear unaffected by ‘miscarriage’ at three months or earlier. We would say that beneath the surface each has been awakened and will also never forget the experience, even if it is never mentioned ever again. The ‘soul’ came, loved and returned to the Source. An onlooker can not judge parents’ outer reaction nor see their inner thoughts, yet we know there was a reason that the miracle of life force happened for them.

Some parents mourn for the rest of their life. This was not the ‘intention’ of the child’s soul. To remember, yes, but to see ‘death’ not ‘life’, no, for we are eternal. In the physical we have temporary bodies temporarily inhabited.

As a pregnant mother you feel a connection, a natural urge to protect, nurture the new life within so when that life leaves you and no longer inhabits the baby’s or child’s physical body, we naturally feel loss, pain, regret, grief, sometimes self blame or we blame others and hold them responsible. But, in doing so we miss the message, the memory, the purpose.

That life, that spirit, that soul of the ‘child’ chose you to be their ‘parent’. They chose you to connect with. They chose you to be given his/her unconditional love. Remember that unconditional love, that connection, that precious gift.

You realise that your body held the ‘spirit and soul’, protected it, but really the ‘child’ held you – your emotions, your hopes, and your wonder. They helped you think less selfishly. They helped you share your body. They helped you fall in love with life.

You had never met this ‘spirit or soul’ before, yet you felt love for them – unconditional love for another soul. Wow.

Can we take that lesson, that gift and share it by letting others into our hearts, by loving others more or in more expressed ways, by being of service to others?

Please do not lock your heart away. Turn it outwards to those around you. As your spirit child needed you for that brief time, so do so many other souls in the world. You are a blessed ‘Soul Mother’ or a ‘Soul Father’ now.

Mandy Brown

P.S I was inspired to share this post, which I wrote some time ago, as I felt someone out there needed to hear it. Please share this post to help bring comfort to those with whom it may resonate and bring healing.

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