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Darkness Overwhelming You?

Wax pictures. I used to love making them. Can you recall as a child taking a strong piece of paper and using several coloured wax crayons you completely covered it.

I always made stripes of different colours. Then, you covered the whole picture in black wax. Messy, but worth it because when you then took your completely black picture and scratched a pattern or picture on it ...surprising colours sprang up creating a magical image.

We are a bit like those wax pictures. In our early years we lay down beautiful colours as we savour each experience; the joy of raindrops on our faces, the smell of cut grass, our amazement and awe of life when we witness some miracle of nature occurring - be that opening of a flower and the bee collecting nectar, the force of the wind lifting you off your feet or the new lamb springing around in the field. Growing up more wonderful colours are added as we experience love, friendship and human connection.

Every person at some point in life has, however, those dark days or periods such as the death of a loved one, the breakup of friendship, illness and pain and thus the black wax takes over and overwhelms us. We only see the dark. The blackness piling in on us. But, in time someone or something starts to scratch away at that darkness and reveals the colours beneath.

You are still there and your colours begin to peep through once more. You will never be the same before the darkness. Yet, the picture that can be created can be even more magnificent, more intricate, more expressive. You are no longer just blocks of colours. Now you have emerged, transformed into a piece of art. And guess what, if you don't like a line, you now know how to get rid of it. Cover it with black and redraw whatever you wish. Before you were the palate, but now you are the artist! Enjoy!


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