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Give Me Strength!

Strength is like a magnet pulling individual iron filling towards it. As kids many of us saw or even played with iron fillings and magnets at school. I was thrilled by the magic of how the tiny iron fillings moved in response to the movement of the magnet creating patterns.

Here is a life lesson. If you have a huge task to achieve or a heavy burden to shift don't try to do it or pick it all up at once.

See the task or burden transformed into iron fillings. See yourself transformed into a magnet of strength. Don't place yourself in the middle and hope to get all the iron fillings under your control. Move slowly toward it , around it and allow the individual iron fillings to feel your pull and come to you. Move like a dance with purpose, poise and calm. Keep moving towards your goal. See how all the iron filling now are able to respond. It may take a little time for you to collect all the fillings, but you will.

I believe this is similar to how we approached and found the daily strength to battle against Steve's terminal cancer. We proceeded with a calm, purposeful and dedicated focus towards the goal and nothing, just like those iron filings with an irresistible pull to a magnet, was going to stop us!

BE a magnet of Strength!


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