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Reviewer says "I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to a book before, a book that claspe



•Review• Nipples to Kneecaps- To die or not to die with cancer by Mandy Brown

Wow! I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to a book before, a book that clasped my heart strings and wouldn’t let go. Maybe I felt so drawn in, wanting to know more and more every time I finished a chapter because we too have a family member fighting his own battle. Author Mandy Brown contacted me after a lovely friend recommended me and my blog. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe every happens for a reason as it’s meant to be. Since reading this book I believe Mandy was meant to find me, to ask me to read her book and empower me with hope and inspiration that maybe my uncle too could fight just like Steve and maybe win his battle.

Mandy and Steve married and welcomed into the world their son Alex, young Alex watched his dad age 24 begin his battle with cancer and with the help of his mummy and others who too wouldn’t give up on Steve Alex saw his dad win. It wasn’t an easy road for this family, Steve watched helplessly as his father in law unknowingly took his place as father to Alex. Steve knew at that time he could not keep up with his little boy and throughout the book you feel how Steve struggled but knew his father in law was doing an amazing thing. You read how Steve’s parents kept their distance through his illness. I can understand how hard it must of been to see their son in pain, deteriorating in front of them when he should be enjoying his young married life. Steve was given 3 months to live, he was told they could not find the primary cancer and there was nothing more they could do to help. Mandy was not going to give up on her husband, she needed him and so did young Alex. It was her persistence, the need for her family, and their love and positivity that helped guide Steve out of the dark.

The book has 34 emotional raw chapters plus further sections that are worth reading- The Defeat Cancer Plan and what has happened since. I laughed and cried through this book, never once wanting to put it down. Mandy and Steve have given me hope and inspired me, I read how Steve a cancer patient still had dreams, and believe me no one could stop him from living and reaching those dreams.

I feel everyone should read this book, even if you are lucky enough not to be fighting this awful disease. Just read it for inspiration and for hope, Mandy and Steve believe that their positive attitude and want to survive is the reason Steve, 30 years later is here to tell his story.

Cancer is so limited – it cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot conquer the spirit. Nipples to Kneecaps- a book bursting with love, emotion and a family so desperate to stay together they battled the impossible. And won!

You can purchase your own copy of Nipples to Kneecaps – to die or not to die with cancer from amazon for £7.99.

Also visit the website to read more about Mandy and Steve Brown.

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