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Motivation, Inspiration, Mindfulness and Happiness = a recipe for fulfilled life. 'The Daily Mind', however, also tackles the difficult areas of life such as domestic abuse, mental health and terminal cancer. Well worth a visit. An easy and clear site to navigate.

Whilst researching 'The Daily Mind' I found just one video on a their Youtube channel.

I practice and teach meditation. I enjoyed this meditation and it is a little different. We all react to meditations differently, and different techniques and ways work for different people. So let's celebrate that this meditation and format works for some people too :)

There are some lovely phrases, like 'admire the silence' and 'do not empower the babbler'. I loved the words he says during the heart chakra section.

I certainly advocate meditation if you are struggling with an illness, stress or cancer. Do you find meditating difficult? Can't get in to it?

So did Steve. He found it difficult to just sit still and meditate, So, I started to explore all the different styles of meditation practice until I found a few that worked for him. So, if you find meditation a challenge, don't give up - try all the different ways e.g walking meditations, shamanic drumming, chanting, music, silence, labyrinth walking, pathworkings. Once you have chosen a way with which you feel comfortable, there are also many different techniques you can choose to help you go deeper.

The Daily Mind has a Facebook page as well as a Blog site.

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