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BOOK BLOG TOUR Nipples to Kneecaps meets Sol Vibrations

If you are looking for a positive jam packed blog site then Sol Vibrations would be a good place to start. It is a multi-author self improvement blog, aiming to be a source for inspiration, educations and entertainment. They select posts that in some way shine a light on new thinking, ways to grow and inspire creativity.

The blogs are arranged under these headings: Spiritual Philosophy, Psychology, Creativity, Health & Wellness, Education, News (helpful), Blogging, Business, Children, Apps, Mental Health & Illness, Personal Development, Travel, Technology & Home Improvement.

As part of my Book Blog Tour I sent in my guest post into Sol Vibrations. Unfortunately, I included my website address at the end so it was put on hold by admin. Oops! Guest posts are not allowed to have any links to external sites (if those sites offer a product or service). My www.nipplestokneecaps has links to buy my books. So, I need to resubmit my guest post without the links or become a sponsor or advertise them with. So, sorry folks there will be a delay in viewing my post on Sol Vibrations. My post was called

5 Ways To Keep Positive When Those Around You Mock, Disagree or Belittle You.”

You too can submit a guest post for consideration - as long as its related to self improvement and fits into one of their categories. So, here is a call to all budding writers: submit a post on Sol Vibrations and don't forget to look out for my guest post coming soon.


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