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BOOK BLOG TOUR Mandy Brown - Nipples To Kneecaps visits The Lancashire Witch

The Lancashire Witch

BLOG TOUR 23rd November

Thank you Paul for featuring the true, inspirational book Nipples to Kneecaps – to die or not to die with cancer by Mandy Brown on you Facebook Page.

Q & A Session about Cancer and Nipple to Kneecaps:

Q Before terminal cancer appeared in your life, what connection had you had with healing?

A None really. I had heard of faith healing, hands on healing. It was the 1980's, so Reiki and other complementary practices were certainly not so wide spread, but we were offered spiritual healing and various different religion groups put us on their prayer lists.

Q What advice would you give to someone facing cancer today?

A First of all, I usually, share our story with them and let them draw their own conclusions and choice of actions thereafter. There is so much you can do to help even if you have been given a terminal diagnosis. I do have a Beat Cancer Plan in the appendix of the book that summarizes what we did. I hope that will help. Also in the appendix, I have put in a Research section with links that some people will find helpful to consider.

Q Were you always so positive about heath and life?

A I suppose I had great role models growing up. For example - as a five years old my father was involved in a horrendous accident. A motorbike rider ran into him. The impact was so hard that the handle bars lodged into my dad's five year old skull. He was in a coma for six weeks, had several brain operations to put a metal plate in place of his damaged skull and he remained in hospital for a year. They thought he would die or, if he did survive somehow, he'd be severely disabled. When he came out of hospital he contracted diphtheria and then scarlet fever. He became 'brittle boned' and continued to break bones all is adolescent life.

Yet, he was a fighter and trained to get his body as fit as possible. It did not stop him doing anything. He never used his accidents and illnesses as an excuse.

Personally, I did have a blood disorder as a teenager, but I don't think I let it stop me from my ice skating. My injured back and pain did cause me problems when we first got married though. However, this was so different. This was life or death so, like anyone in our position, 'we' had to step up and find a way even when everyone else around us had given up.

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