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BOOK BLOG TOUR Mandy Brown - Nipples To Kneecaps visits DadGeek

BLOG TOUR Post 2 2ndNovember 2017

DADGEEK is a movie geek, game geek, tech geek and proud autism dad.

So much on one website to please dads and mums with Leigh's reviews on games, movies, videos, products and affordable family trips. Great place to go just prior to Christmas shopping online.

Most recent reviews on Scalextric British Tours Car Racing Track Set (gosh that brings back memories of hours of fun with our kids), 1001 Spikes (Leign plays the games for you to see) and Sands Alive Glow, which I admit I quite fancy buying for me!

Check out DADGEEK's website for many other interesting posts and look out for Leigh's review of Nipples to Kneecaps hopefully coming soon..

Also, on find DADGEEK on Facebook

Twitter @dadgeekuk


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