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A Grey House, A Grey Mouse & A Beautiful Baby Named Mae Meet Nipples to Kneecaps

BLOG TOUR Post 21st November 2017 Mae & Me


Reading Mae & Me's Blog I realised that the time period Sascha is describing was the exact same time period my family (me, Steve and baby Alex) had been through, except for one major difference. We were also living with an awful diagnosis of terminal cancer.

You see when Alex was 9 months old Steve, his daddy, was given three months to live. However, as you will read in 'Nipples to Kneecaps – to die or not to die with cancer' we did not miss out on all the wonderful experiences and milestones of having a child, but we did adapt to include him. That time definitely shaped our lives, our mind set and our values as parents. Alex may not remember the details but I believe he benefited from it nevertheless on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I hope that anyone, who may find themselves in a similar situation to Steve and I, will also gain from Steve’s story and that it becomes a ray of hope for you and your family.

But back to Mae & Me, which I feel is the perfect blog spot for new mums and new grandmothers too. Sasha’s blog is easy to read, full of cute photos like their family visit to Cotswolds Wildlife Park. Her blog post 7 Things I Have Learnt in 7 months of Motherhood is one which will resonate with many. It is honest account and certainly brought back my memories of sleep deprivation (how on earth did we survive?), of baby and mum both being covered in spaghetti bolognaise sauce (doesn’t it just get everywhere?) and then I certainly recognised the frantic rush to our precious baby’s aid when bumping their heads became part of the routine of learning to crawl and walk.

She also sparked a memory for me. Our Alex learned to walk very early at 10 months old and although he was late talking, he certainly was not underdeveloped in his observation and comprehension skills. Alex was fascinated by and loved to carry around my handbag, the car keys and his dad’s wallet! Clearly, we had to keep these out of his reach.

One day, Steve was searching for his keys. He asked Alex, “Alex, where have you put daddy’s keys?”


“Alex, show daddy. Come on, where are my keys?”


“Okay, son. Take me to the keys.”

Alex toddled into the lounge and pointed to the worn out unused Flavel gas fire, which we were waiting to have replaced. Steve rushed over to it immediately seeing, as if for the first time, the wide slot vents running along the front at the top, which were just perfect for posting his car key through.

“In here Alex?”

Alex nodded and beamed a huge grin at this dad.

Steve spend half an hour trying to get the front panel off the fire. Eventually, he was inside the casing and using a torch searching it for the key. No keys.

“What? They are not here.” Steve turned round to see his son, who was not yet two years old, holding his hands over his mouth stifling his giggles. Yes, Steve had just been trolled by a one year old!

I could not help but laugh, “Like father, like son.”

Steve loved teasing and playing jokes and now it seemed he would be at the end of some of those jokes or, at least, have a new partner in crime.

Thanks Sasha for keeping up your mum and baby blog. I did not realise we had so much in common. Twins and VW Beetle to name just two! I am sure many new mums and dads will enjoy your blog insights, adventures, recommendations and sharing in the fun!

Mandy Brown

Please check out my YouTube Channel Mandy Brown Author.

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