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Overall Aims For Nipples to Kneecaps by Author Mandy Brown

Video 3: Mandy's Chats about Nipples to Kneecaps

What is my overall aim in writing Nipples to Kneecaps?

My overall aim is to give you, the reader, hope and inspiration that you too can achieve the impossible.

Nipples to Kneecaps is an important story to be read and shared because if you find yourself facing your worst fear, your circumstances seem hopeless, or if you ever feel powerless, you can remind yourself of Steve’s story and, as a result, feel empowered to change the predicted outcome – despite the odds and expectations of others.

I want you to understand that if you are suffering with ill health, or a doctor has diagnosed you with a progressive or terminal illness, you can change your prognosis.

I want to inspire you to find ways to make changes in your life today and to recognise how wonderful life is, even when you seem to lurch from one disaster to another. If nothing else, I hope to touch your soul – that you may know me in your heart and draw strength from our story.

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