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Disappointing Mediums Or Ill Prepared Dead Spirits?

Rainbows. Today we saw a double rainbow over the sea. What is it about a rainbow that draws people? We were once told by a medium that Steve's path was like a rainbow and mine was like a bouncing ball. Her interpretation: Steve had an uphill struggle in life at that time but then it would become easier. I would have ups and downs, but bounce along.

Some times when mediums say these things we say, “Oh yes that's me”, but on reflection most of us could make either of the above image fit our lives.

So how can a medium stand out? By giving evidence that is unique. I recently attended an evening of clairvoyance. I was not impressed except for the final message which did have some uniqueness. The friend who attended - her first time - was equally disappointed and unimpressed.

Before we start medium bashing I would like you to take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you were dead and had the opportunity to try and get a message to someone you loved. Let’s say you found a medium who was mainly clairvoyant. This means you are restricted to pictures you can show her.

Do this exercise with a friend. Ask your friend to say what pictures she would show a clairvoyant medium to prove it was her to you. Try it. It is not that easy e.g if I tried to show myself I would show an image of me. The medium would probably say “I can see a lady about 50 with long blond haired, medium height, medium build.”

My friend may reply, “Well that could be lots of people I know.”

Okay, so maybe next I would show the medium a picture of me ice skating or using sign language or a hearing aid to try to indicate that I used to skate in competitions and I am a sign language interpreter. This could go badly wrong as the medium might say, “Ice skates!”, but perhaps my friend had forgotten that I used to skate or worse still think of her own experience of ice skating and interpret that to mean the medium is saying she will soon be ‘a bit wobbly on her feet.’

The medium might say, “She is waving her hands around or is showing me a small beige thing (a.k.a. the unidentified hearing aid).” Again, my friend might understand that ‘explanation’ relating to me or not.

How many people have a grandparent in spirit who lived in a terrace house at some point, loved cooking, did their own sewing and gardening...and had a dog? Those common things are not helpful, but may be true for your grandparent and often this is exactly what is presented by the ‘would be communicator.’

So what's the answer?

Ask the communicating spirit or better still your guide or gatekeeper to prepare the communicating spirit beforehand and ask them for a special memory they share with their loved one, something that stands out. It's a bit like being asked what's your funniest memory, your scariest or your favourite memory. We all have to have a think about it before we say. This is made even more difficult if that memory has to include the other person or the need to be sure they know about it.

Here lies another issue. Often something you find memorable, simply does not appear on a friend’s radar as memorable. We recall things that have an impact on us personally. Often the other people involved won't remember that incident or certainly not from your perspective.

Are you beginning to see the difficulty involved from spirit side? As a medium I suggest in preparation you ask your guides to prepare the spirits who want to communicate. If the medium can see a series of pictures or video even of the shared funny, scary, unusual memory that will help. If that can include the name, venues, dates written down that too would be good. Aim for your highest ideal... A totally unique memory will go a long way.

Now, what if the medium is clairsentient? You, as a spirit, can only communicate via feelings. Mmm, not so easy to get over that you are blond, medium built, around 50 and lived in Seaton. You might be able to help the medium feel how you felt when you died, location of your pains etc. If you're lucky your medium might feel movements so certain hobbies and jobs could be felt by specific hand shapes and how you move their body swing a golf club, to type or to paint. Again, lots of people do those hobbies. Feelings of love, anger and joy can be felt and recognised by clairsentients, but have you tried to distinguish between the other emotions such as like, irritated, and the difference between stressed and excited?

Going back to my rainbow and bouncing ball message. Rainbows and Steve? Nope, I can't think of a logical connection. Bouncing balls and me? I used to play netball but...? A rainbow has a unique memory for me though. I can sing a rainbow was the first song I taught my class to sing and sign simultaneously for assembly in front of the whole school in my first year of teaching. It was significant because that was the first time the school had allowed sign language to be used. If the medium had pushed for more with the rainbow image she may have then seen school children and then hands moving, but then again she could be right and it had metaphorical meaning for Steve. This is why I feel it is so important to have better training both in circles for the medium and with guides working to prepare the communicating spirits and not to accept common images, but to push for details, uniqueness and, as a result, mediums will present with less woolly, samey and ambiguous messages as evidence.

Step one: longer training periods and give the mediums more time to really see the images, hear the words or feel the feelings.

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