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Formula Revealed For HOPE - no more wishful thinking!

What is hope?

An emotion, a feeling, a belief.

"I hope to get better."

"Hope you have an nice day!"

"I hope I will pass my exam."

Is it left to chance or do you have major role to play? Can you control hope? Can you give hope? Can you live I hope?

Hope is a wish for a positive outcome. Who decides or what decides that outcome really? In any situation where you are hoping for something to happen, for some change to occur that will please you, let me tell you this: you have control, you get to decide, you are the hope.

When you've hoped for something as a teenager like the new bike for Christmas and that day arrived and you didn't get it, you felt upset that your hopes were dashed. But really you knew inside that the bike wasn't coming. You knew that your parent did not have the money, or were too disorganised to get it, or hadn't listened to your request. So it was in fact a mere wish for one day.

As an adult you didn't get the job that you hoped you'd get. But, let's be honest here: you knew inside that you didn't have skills yet, or you allowed nerves to get in your way at the interview because inside you were scared of the change, the possible pressure or extra responsibility. Yet you say, "I was really hoping for that job." So yet again a mere wish for one day.

Let's look at hope when it really matters.

"Hope I am pregnant this time."

"Hope my test results don't show I have cancer."

Suddenly a wish is not enough.

Here is where HOPE, my type of hope should come in. I want to inspire you to have hope in yourself and your life.

To be hopeful is to be......

'H': hungry for change. Your habits need to change, you need to help yourself so that your history does not need to repeat itself.

'O': be open, optimistic, own your situation and your opportunity for change.

'P': be persistent, patience, practice if necessary, pull on your positivity and power from within, find the patterns, engage in prayer.

'E': have enthusiasm for change, the end result, your education to evolve and check your environment.

Once you understand HOPE in this way you will take a honest look at your history and the habits that have bought you to this moment. You will be open to owning your situation, be optimistic and see it as an opportunity for change. You will pick and persistently practice new patterns of behaviour, pulling on the power within, prayer and will surround self with positive people. You will be endlessly enthusiastic for change in yourself and your environment, to educate yourself so that you evolve and achieve the end result that you desired to manifest. You will become one big hope machine, carving out the world as you want it.

Life is for living, not just wishing. Let me show you how. The secret is revealed as to how you can turn your HOPE from Everything Powerful People Own and Have into you Having and Owning Positively Everything you want.

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