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Want To Be Happy?

10 ways to be Happy

Most people crave happiness. The desire for prolonged happiness crops up on everyone's goal list. We are hard wired to seek happiness, to be happy and to deliver happiness to others. It is what makes us human.

When we are feeling happy we automatically smile as we connect to our environment and the people in it.

Mr Spock's "Live long and prosper" would be a meaningless achievement without the joy, contentment and happiness.

So, I share with you again the important, wise words that my own father, to guide us in this life, uttered moments before he died: "Happy, happy."

So dear friends what are you doing to feel happy today?

Maybe the picture above can help give you some ideas to get out of the rut and drudgery we often find ourselves in?

It is so important for your health, mind and spirit to practice happiness.

My suggestions:

Watch a comedy show, phone a friend and have a chat, plan a dream holiday, make a present for someone else.

Find something in each and every day to enjoy. Life is meant to be fun!

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