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Spreading the book (Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not die with cancer)

I have a goal to help my mother spread her book and get it to as many people who might find it interesting, inspirational, helpful, a book about true events etc.

I've watched my mother write this book on and off for years and the struggles it came with while writing as it brought up all the memories. Shes a brilliant writer and so proud that she finally publishing her book and just got it to Kindle is amazing!

So to help her spread the book around and see if it can be read all over the world is a massive goal to try an achieve.

To Spread the Book, Never Give Up!

Please Share and help Spread the Book!

Buy the book today Nipples to Kneecaps - to die or not to die with cancer by Mandy Brown

Watch this space for.....


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