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Take No Notice of Positive Attitude - Rant!

So many people around us at the moment seem to have cancer. However, we have had some super news this week. Two of those people have had the 'all clear.' One of them was looking at a cancer diagnosis for the third time. So there was plenty of jumping up and down in celebration (on their behalf) in the Brown household when we got their good news texts.

With this is mind it does upset me to hear that some people advocate that a cancer sufferer should take no notice of those who say, 'Be positive!' Come on guys there is enough research out there to indicate that ones mindset, attitude and expectations can affect the outcome! Yes, I agree happy, clappy throw away comments of, 'Oh just think positive and it will all be alright ' is not necessarily helpful, but a programme with meditation, relaxation, visualisation, laughter and taking one positive step at a time is certainly a recipe for better health. Just because a person has a terminal illness it does not mean all positivity should be thrown out the window and that they have to live the rest of their life in doom and gloom.

I have seen several patient 'live' upto the terminal expectations expressed by the doctors and others and they have died at their duly declared death date. If we expect to die soon or within say six months, I believe we will. It's a bit like a self fulfilling prophecy. Imagine if you were constantly told you are going to die. It would certainly hurry that outcome along. Likewise, there have been cases of people believing they were not ill, or not terminally ill and they have come through it and now experience good health - yet according to their medical records they should have died.

So please, please if you are one of those health professional giving advice to cancer patients remember that your words will influence the outcome and mindset of patients. Look at the research and evidence ...share that ... as it may help some people to make that push to survival when otherwise they may not.

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