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Full of Pain - again? The answer is here...

'Steve, I am a bit scared,' I said, 'because of the pain. It's getting worse and in nearly every joint. If this carries on, well....'

The pain had crept up on me again and now threatened to overwhelm me and take my life away.

As I lay in bed I remembered. How could I forget? I couldn't believe it! You'd think I, for one, would never forget to continue doing it, but I did. I had stopped like so many other people because, well, other things got in the way.

I had stopped doing my daily meditations for health and now here I was, again, wracked with pain and kicking myself! I'd done this before, 'forgot' I mean, and it does seem to take longer to get myself back on track each time. Stupid when I know that it so, so helps.

So last night I immediately did my self healing meditation and the next day...yep, I felt a tinge better. I have even set a reminder on my phone to do it daily. It's not really that I forget, it's that I allow other demands to take priority. But, my health should come first, as should yours. So, if like me, you forget sometimes, know you are not alone. Chastise yourself, dust yourself off and start again. You will be so pleased you did! I am.

So what do I do?

I start at my feet and work on my muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. I visualise something like a strobe light (out of a Star Trek or a sci-fi movie) moving up my body relaxing and healing each muscle as it passes through it. I can almost hear it hum and feel it's tingling sensation. It moves quite quickly. I move up both legs then my torso, then both arms, neck and head. I feel my muscles almost melting under the strip of 'healing' light.

I return to my feet and now work on my nerves. Because I have MS this is particularly important for me. I visualise each nerve being fully coated in myelin. Again the strobe passes quickly but I see all the nerves responding. I work up each leg individually, then my front, then back. I return to my spinal column and move through it making sure the spinal fluid is all clear and spinal cord is perfect. I work up each hand and arm, then neck and head. I spend some time moving the light over my brain, seeing all the nerves perfect and protected. If I glimpse one or two suspect ones I repair them.

Back to my feet and I work through my bones in a similar way. I pay particular attention to each disc and seeing it filled with fluid and healthy looking (as I have had lots of damage here over the years).

I also go through all my blood vessels, veins, arteries and capillaries strengthening their walls, repairing and making sure all is flowing well.

As I think I have a lot of inflammation at the moment I make the light a pale blue colour so it is also cooling and dispersing away any inflammation it finds.

Last but not least, my we have so many different cells that make up the body I allow the strobe healing light to penetrate all the layers and my cells on auto pilot..then at same time I go to a time and place when I feel I was at my best. In my case, it is me line dancing. I see myself dancing away - twirling, jumping, spinning,, moving my hips, arms and legs in time, with grace and style. I have a huge smile on my face and am loving it. I transport myself into that template of a healthy, fit, supple Mandy.

I could choose a template from my teenage years, but subconsciously for me I admit that feels an unrealistic goal (at the moment!), However, I know that there are plenty of women my age and much older who are still line dancing in the way I did when I was in my late thirties. I can reach that template easier and believe I can regain that healthy I do!

Toe to head - I have reprogrammed my body to its perfect template.

If you would like the full version of my self healing meditation on audio please let me know.

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