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Steve the Bird in the Sky!

Steve strolled toward the Gypsy Moth bi-plane with a huge beaming smile on his face. The day had come, the sky was blue and the weather perfect for flying. The hood of her engine was as up.

"No flying today, she's grounded!" said the mechanic,"I'll need to order a new part."

I felt gutted for him.


​Nevertheless, Steve climbed in the cockpit to try her for size.

"These planes were made for eighteen year old, skinny, malnourished Belgium pilots," explained the instructor. "Even if she was fit to fly you would need to be able to pull that lever all the way back to land safely."

Steve looked down sadly as the gear stick lever jammed against his stomach. "Well, I will come back in summer when I've lost a bit of weight!"

"Why not try this baby - the Cap10. She's my favourite. Very fast and superb to handle."

Steve loves planes and I think he would have said 'Yes' to any she offered to him.

He took off smiling and landed smiling.

His certificate said that he 'flies like a bird!'

Steve said afterwards, "I always wanted to be a pilot - Now I remember why - I loved it! Maybe I was a pilot in a previous life!"

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