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Nipples to Kneecaps Interrupted By Gun Battle!

Having almost finished the website today I am now off to start the audio recording - take two. Last night, I was unable to start as we appeared to have a war zone battle going on at sea! Seriously, it sounded like machine guns and when Steve looked out he saw tracers skimming across the waves from a ship silhouetted in the moonlight. We hope it was a navy battle drill.

I find reading the text of Nipples to Kneecaps out loud useful. It highlights where I still need to make some tweaks and small amendments. I am doing the rough audio draft in our bedroom using a professional microphone and special gizmo box (on loan from a friend).

So, imagine me up there surrounded by two extra mattresses propped up against the windows - necessary for soundproofing to keep the cries of the nesting seagull down to a minimum, I will post a short video or audio file later. All encouragement welcome as I have a feeling it will be a long job!.

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