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Astral Projection Handbook:

101 Techniques for an Out-of-Body Experience and Astral Travel in a Handy A-Z Format

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The go-to Astral Projection Handbook is for:

  • beginners who want the life-changing thrill of their first astral projection

  • the frustrated and disappointed who say, 'what am i missing? I've tried all the techniques and they didn't work!'

  • spiritual teachers who want more techniques and ways to help their students.

By the end of this Astral Projection Handbook you will be able to wear your astral travel badge with pride. You will become an inter-dimensional ninja of astral projection.

Part One of the Astral Projection Handbook will teach you how to overcome your blocks and thus avoid disappointment and failure. It will help to deepen your understanding of astral projection and what is involved to ensure your successful out-of-body experiences. Learn the four essential requirements for astral projection without which you are doomed to failure.


Part Two contains an A-Z of 101 tried and tested astral travel techniques. These will keep you busy for years to come and enable you to have varied and wide ranging experiences. 


Part Three contains a step by step 20-Day Programme to Astral Projection which you can follow.

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